Freelance : How did I start

From 2006 to 2014, I worked as freelancer. I think, 8 years is enough time to gather experience to advise others about freelance. Moreover, many people around me are very eager to know how to start freelancing. Where to go, how to start, how to get jobs etc.

I’m here to tell you everything about my experience. If one person is able to get a freelance job and success by reading my blog, I’d be very happy. I don’t do freelanceverything job now. So I’ve nothing to hide.

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Start of my  freelance career

In 2006, I got admission to pursue my Undergraduate degree. One of the senior students of my university told me about; He said I can get  freelance works from there. For the first time, I heard about it. I visited the site and signed up. At that moment, I didn’t know what is freelancing, what to do and how to get paid. In fact, I was doubtful and curious. Started to look for job and bid on the jobs that I could accomplish. Fortunately, within few days, one client knocked me and awarded a simple project. I first project was to find out articles online about time management. I was very excited and completed the job with care. She was very happy with my job and paid me full amount. She gave a very good positive review with 5 start rating.

Then she offered me another task which required php skills. However, I didn’t have any experience to do the job.

After getting the payment, I bought paid membership from; I was still doubtful about getting the payment in my country. I opened a bank account and added my account information to Then requested for wire transfer.

After about one month, money was not deposited to my account. I contacted They suggested me to contact my bank. I went to Bank and told my issue to a Bank Manager. After investigating for a while he told me that, the money arrived. However, he needs document to prove that this money didn’t come illegally.

Again I contacted Someone from responded me stating the reason of the payment. I printed out the body of the email and went to Bank right away. After a few days, I received money to my account.

That’s how my freelance journey bagan.

What about your story?

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