Freelance : How will you start

When I started freelance job back in 2006, number of Freelancers were very few. So it was easy to find freelance jobs. However now it has become very hard. Because there are many freelancers out there to compete.

But don’t worry. I have some secrets for you. There  are some clients who want their job to be done at cheaper price. They know only new Freelancers will do this without asking any question. They are your potential customers.  So target them.

I like to finish my works step by step.  Let’s do the same here.

1. Decide what will you do

There are variety of works you can find in freelance sites. They range from accounting to online advertisement, data entry to server api development,  administration support, legal advice etc. So first choose what will you do.

2. Prepare yourself with skills

After selecting your area of freelancing, think yourself whether you have enough skills to perform tasks related to your area of concern. If not then take online courses to improve your skills.

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3. Prepare your portfolio

If you are new to freelance, you will not have any previous working record, feedback or rating in your freelance account. In such situation only thing that you can show is your profile. So createll your profile wisely with sample works or prejects.

4. Write sample project proposal

Write some sample proposals or create some basic structures. But when you submit your project proposal,  don’t use same template text. Write some more detail related to the project. For example overview of how will you finish the job, ask questions related to project.

5. Open accounts on different freelance sites.

There are many websites that offer freelance jobs. Open accounts on some of them. Currently, good platforms include,, etc

6. Bid on small projects which requirement you understand and have confidence that you can finish.

You may follow this rule for first few projects only

7. Response to client carefully

If any client contacts you, response with attention,  try to understand what he or she asked, answer precisely.

8. Be patient

It may take 1 week to 1 month to even 1 year to get first freelance job. So be patient. As soon as you receive one probject and finish it successfully, you do not have to look back.

9. Finish awarded project in time

Once you receive a project, try to finish it with full effort. Finish it in time and maintain quality.

Give good feedback to client and request for feedback.

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