How to setup your website in Amazon Web Services (Part 1)

Setup Account at AWS: 

Go to and click on Sign in to the AWS console. Here you can get information about signing up. Amazon Web Services provides free tier for 1 year. The free tier includes 21 products and services. Such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, Amazon DynamoDB etc. Click here for details. You have to provide your credit card information to open account.

After creating account login to your Amazon Web Services (AWS) console by visiting

You will be redirected to dashboard, after you successfully login. The dashboard contains all the services that amazon offers. Some of them are free for 1 year (e.g. EC2, S3), others will charge.

Create new EC2 instance: 

Now, we’ll setup EC2 instance in our Amazon Web Services. It’s a very easy process and requires only a few steps.



1. Click on EC2 which is located at the top left of the dashboard.



2. Click on Launch instance.



3. In the next screen you will see a list of AMI (Amazon Machine Image) or system images. In short it’s the operating system that you are going to use in your virtual machine (vm) or EC2 instance. Some AMI are free.  You can select any one operating system such as Amazon Linux AMI, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu Server or even Microsoft Windows Server. We are going to select Amazon Linux AMI as free tier covers it.



4. In previous step you selected software. Now, it’s time to select hardware configuration. The page lists different Instances based on different numbers of CPU, memory and storage. If the left column you can see which instance is suitable for which purpose. For example, general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized or storage optimized. I’m selecting t2.micro instance as it’s free. You can select any one that best suits your needs.

After selecting instance, click on “Review & Launch” button. We could select “Next: Configure Instance Details”. But for simplicity, we are not going there.


img55. In the next screen, click on Launch button which you can find at the bottom right corner. A popup box will appear. It lets you create or select existing key pair. The key pair contains

  • One private key that will be stored in AWS
  • One public key that you will download and store in your local computer. Keep it in a safe place. Because, you need this public key each time you login to your ec2 instance or vm.

After you download the public key and select on the acknowledge check box, launch instances button will be enabled and you can click on it.



6. Congratulations! Your first EC2 instance or vm is being setup. You can see the vm by clicking on View Instances button which is located at the bottom right corner.

When you click on View “Instances button”, you can se a list of instances (now it’s only one vm) in rows. If the setup process is complete, you can see a green circle in Instance column. Otherwise,  you will see yellow circle.

Notice, “Public DNS” and “Public IP” column. You need “Public IP” column’s IP address  for accessing the vm or EC2 instance from your computer. We’ll see that in next tutorial.



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