What is Machine Learning

Machine Learning
IBM Cognitive Hypervisor uses machine learning and cognitive computing to analyze medical data for real-time care

Summary: If you are not living in a cave or rural area, you must have heard the word “Machine Learning”. Although it is a term more related to “Computer Science”, people from other fields are also interested about it. So what is machine learning?

It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It deals with huge amount of data. Different statistical algorithms and formula are applied to data to find pattern in the dataset or get a result. Simply speaking, it is a set of algorithms plus statistics.

Details: Machine learning is a buzz word of modern age. Literally it means, machines can learn from experience or data. In fact, machine learns more, if you provide more data.

Why machine learning is so popular?

Because if you can correctly choose right algorithm and statistical formula, then you can predict many things. For example, weather condition of future (Okay, near future), customer’s buying trend, share market movements etc.

What you need to learn to start machine learning?

  1. Hardware: from single computer to cluster of inter-connected computers. Or, amazon’s EC2 instances.
  2. Some machine learning algorithms
  3. Some Statistics formulas
  4. Framework (Tensorflow or deeplearning4j etc)
  5. Any one programming language – python, java, scala.

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